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Detroit Restaurant Week. The Jefferson House and Top of the Pontch.


Rum Strawberry Mojito. Grapefruit. Lavender Vodka Lemonade. #worththehangover


@xoemmanicole’s bachelorette party party time!










i’m so happy this set of pictures exists. I’M NOT ALONE!

Every day ):

Congrats, you’re human :))

No but seriously, imagine if you digestive system couldn’t expend to accomodate food? You’d be in terrible pain every time you eat and would have to consume little quantities of liquid all day long to get your nutrition. 


I need reminding sometimes.

no but you don’t even understand how much this needed to be done

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW! You are a human who accommodates for the nutrients you need to survive! how wonderful! please don’t be scared or ashamed of that! 

Jesus people.

Me. Every day.

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"On the shelves were the books bound in a cardboard-like material, pale, like tanned human skin, and the manuscripts were intact. In spite of the room’s having been shut up for many years, the air seemed fresher than in the rest of the house. Everything was so recent that several weeks later, when Úrsula went into the room with a pail of water and a brush to wash the floor, there was nothing for her to do. Aureliano Segundo was deep in the reading of a book. Although it had no cover and the title did not appear anywhere, the boy enjoyed the story of a woman who sat at a table and ate nothing but kernels of rice, which she picked up with a pin, and the story of the fisherman who borrowed a weight for his net from a neighbor and when he gave him a fish in payment later it had a diamond in its stomach, and the one about the lamp that fulfilled wishes and about flying carpets. Surprised, he asked Úrsula if all that was true and she answered him that it was, that many years ago the gypsies had brought magic lamps and flying mats to Macondo.

“What’s happening,” she sighed, “is that the world is slowly coming to an end and those things don’t come here any more.””

Gabriel García Márquez

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Gabriel García Márquez Dies: Famed Colombian Author And Nobel Laureate Dead At 87

Gabriel García Márquez, the famous Colombian journalist, novelist, short story writer, screenwriter and journalist has died at the age of 87.

One of the most significant authors of the 20th Century, Marquez was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982. [MORE]

Breaks my heart. 💔

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Just a peek of my night. #drw #detroitrestaurantweek @kelly__sea @betcshyner @vickizou (at The Jefferson House)


My quality of life would skyrocket if I had an enclosed bookcase.


Cutest pup.


Apprently 20 me was feeling philosophical on this day. Can’t help but wonder though.




One of the best feelings is listening to a song, or watching a movie, and picking up on those literary references you never understood before.

Today I realized that Jewel references Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin’s relationship in “Morning Song.” I would still be completely unaware, not only of what the reference is to, but also to the implications it makes on the songs meaning, if I had never picked up the first volume of Anaïs Nin’s Diaries.

Pieces of You was one of the first CD’s I ever listened to. I must have heard that song a million times over. It just goes to show you how much reading can change your world and expand your mind.


Considering a juice cleanse.


Jenny Holzer